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LUCER has been named the most promising rock band to come out of Denmark in a decade – Now LUCER is ready to kick off 2016 with their long awaited debut album ‘Bring Me Good News’!

LUCER consists of the two charismatic brothers Lasse and Anders Bøgemark and drummer Jonathan Nørgaard and despite their young age, they have already played more than 100 shows in Denmark, U.K., Sweden and Germany – Latest not only as MIKE TRAMPs special hand-picked support band, but also as Mike’s backing band on stage.

‘Bring Me Good News’ presents 10 new tracks that captures LUCERs well known live-energy in every bit and their melodic hook lines and catchy choruses. The lyrical theme circulates around the whole ‘use-and-throwaway-culture’. While the world, society and pop-culture seems to only crave salt, sugar and sleazy scandals in primetime, the message on the album is quite clear by the title ‘Bring Me Good News’.

‘Bring Me Good News’ was recorded in 7 days in the legendary Medley Studios in Copenhagen (Radiohead, Kelly Clarkson, Keane, Prince etc.) by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, D-A-D).

“Bring Me Good News” entered the Danish sales charts at an impressive no. 24 – best position for a National debut rock band in ages.

LUCER will be touring Europe from March to November 2016, both alone and as support- and backing band for Mike Tramp.


Lasse Bøgemark – Vocals & Bass

Anders Bøgemark – Guitar

Jonathan Nørgaard – Drums


Stream or download “Bring Me Good News” here:

Stream or download ‘Lucer EP’ here:



‘Bring Me Good News” – Album – 2015/2016

‘Midnight Sun’ – Single – 2015

‘Lucer EP’ – 7″ EP – 2014





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