No Return

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When you speak about French Thrash/Death Metal Band, discussion goes up quickly to NO RETURN one part of the pillars of the genre. The Parisian quintet was born in 1989, and although the line-up had changed, the band goes on its activities. Today, the proud owner of a dozen albums, released by majors record companies such as Nuclear Blast, Season of Mist, Listenable Records… It played and crossed the Europe with bands like Motorhead, Arch Enemy, Dew Scented, Nile, soilwork, Nightwish, just to name a few. After a redesign, in 2013,the group is celebrating its 25 years on the road with the arrival of J at the guitar (Sonny Red / Angher / ex-E-Force), Joel Barbosa on drums and Mick (ex-Destinity) into frontman position, an energetic training!!! Pit will be dangerous, you are now warned!


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