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The new sound of classic heavy rock, with the riffs, the vocals and the ensemble in focus – Mighty Music is super proud to present the latest most authentic sounding rock band Denmark has to offer… SEA! SEA is Denmark’s new hard rock act. Their raw and challenging style is a blend of the classic heavy rock from the giants of the past and their own denim-infused expression. Strong vocals, heavy riffs, catchy choruses, twin guitar soloing and a mission to keep the guitar led rock alive, combine into making the band a huge adrenaline boost into the Danish music scene. The bands sound has nuances reminiscent of bands such as Baroness, Rival Sons, Alice in Chains and legendary bands like Thin Lizzy, Blue Oister Cult and Kansas. Their eponymous debut album was recorded in a week at Dead Rat Studio with producer Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Hellhorse etc.) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep etc.). It will be released on September 15th 2014, through Mighty Music. SEA and Bredahl both agree that music must feel alive, that imperfection gives character and that over producing has castrated a lot of modern rock music. The album has been recorded with that philosphy at the core, without use of auto-tune and metronomes. The production is raw and organic and the songs are left to speak for themselves. It all started when two pairs of childhood friends, from two different Danish islands, were united. Anders Brink (Vocals, guitar) and Maico Thyge (bas) from Bornholm – Anders Kargaard (guitar) and Jonas Bangstrup (drums) from Amager. With a common passion for the heavy rock masterpieces of the past and a frustration over the general state of current commercial music, the boys buried themselves in a dark and smoky basement in Copenhagen. Soon hereafter SEA saw the light of day for the first time. Even though the sound is heavy, the songs also explore more mellow, melancholy and melodic elements. The band get their inspiration from a wide array of bands like Pantera and Metallica and even The Beatles and CCR. Lead Singer and lyricist Anders Brink, who has a past in classical music, writes about personal and psychological subjects but also political and social issues come into play. So besides giving the listener a kick in the ass, the music also creates an opportunity for a more in depth listening. With their new record ready the band is raring to go! With a strong will to perform well written and well played music, the boys are ready to make a name for themselves and bring hard rock back to the big stages.


Anders Brink: Vocals + Guitar

Anders Kargaard: Guitar

Maico Thyge: Bass

Jonas Bangstrup: Drums


Sea – Album (2014)

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