Ethereal Kingdoms


Theatrical symphonic metal from Copenhagen, Denmark. Unpredictable beauty. Unexpected brutality. Intricate orchestras, aggressive riffs. One voice, singing in exaltation and wistfulness, then growling and screaming with rage and bereavement. Stories are created and torn apart in this soundscape. This is Ethereal Kingdoms.


Sofia Schmidt – Vocals, composition and orchestration
Christian Rasmussen – Guitar, composition
Jakob Holm – Bass
Jon Elmquist – Drums








Ethereal Kingdoms was formed in 2017 by Christian Rasmussen (The Vision Ablaze, Fall of Pantheon) and Sofia Schmidt (Blaze of Barbaroid), drawing inspirations from acts such as Wintersun, Kamelot, Amorphis, Sonata Arctica and other nordic sounds. Charcterized by an intense and unpredictable live presence, Ethereal Kingdoms deliver a unique theatrical symphonic metal experience.
Ethereal Kingdoms invite you into a sonic universe, where the songs span the range from heartfelt violin passages to overpowering breakdowns, from soaring high notes to shattering screams, from nostalgic melodies to haunting dissonances.

Schmidt’s musical-theatre inspired vocals span from emotive frailty over intense high notes to aggressive growls. The vocal lines entwine the simple and clean with the odd and unpredictable to explore the dark lyrical themes of human emotion. Elegant and intricate orchestrations, drawing inspiration from the classical tradition, strive towards giving each instrument their own unique identity with dancing woodwinds, theatrical strings and bombastic percussion. Recordings featuring real choir voices and solo violin lifts the arrangements and creates a larger-than-life presence. Rasmussens distinct, energetic guitar style sets a solid backbone in the musical structures, driving the auditive storm forward with speed, force and feeling.

The live lineup is completed by Jakob Holm (Fall of Pantheon) on bass and Jon Elmquist Schmidt behind the drums. Their debut EP contains the four tracks ‘Storm’, ‘Fejlens Cirkel’, ‘Paper Stars’ and ‘Sovereign’. It was released exclusively via 1st of december 2017, as part of The New Shit Showcase. The band played their debut concerts at The New Shit Showcase in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen and Atlas, Århus, January 2018. In spring of 2018, Ethereal Kingdoms visited Spot Festival and was one of the four finalists of Wacken Metal Battle Denmark, bringing their newly released dual concept singles “Beginnings” and “Endings” into their set. In September 2018 Ethereal Kingdoms play with legendary folk metal acts Finntroll (FI), Vanir and Sylvatica at Gimle.



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