Denmark most furious death metal Vikings VANIR have returned with their most epic and by far best work yet!

Vanir were formed in the winter of 2009 in Roskilde. The band has from its birth been influenced by what its members came with in the creative process of song writing. A crucial point has always been the Viking inspired thematic and approach to metal music. Since Vanirs first album the band has undergone many changes both in line up as well as in the style and sound. As the band members evolve, and members have been replaced, so has the music taken a new turn. From being a folk music based metal band the is acoustic folk instruments are now tuned out in favor of a greater focus on the guitar riffing brutality of the metal soundscape and epic passages provided by strings and keys.

Despite large changes in line up, the band’s original founders Martin Håkan, Phillip Kaaber and Lars Bundvad are standing in the middle of the band’s core with good support from Daniel Kronskov on drums Mads Andersen (Iron Fire) on lead guitar and Stefan Dujardin on keyboard.

Vanir have since the band’s beginning released three albums ranging from folk metal to death metal inspired Viking Metal. The release of the “Aldar Rök” is the fourth release from Vanir and with its dark and melodic soundscape; it is the future of Vanirs sound, image and a soundtrack for Ragnarok! Vanir have with Aldar Rök sought inspiration in bands like Immortal, Satyricon, Ensiferum and Amon Amarth.

The text universe of Aldar Rök has, as with the Glorious Dead, gained a more historical touch and gloomy tone. From the song Black legion that tells the tale of the prelude to Armageddon and the song Broken Throne that tells a tale of the last rebellion against the Christian Church in Norway, which was the last Scandinavian country to convert to Christianity, The King of Norway even commanded his people to be converted to Christ or die.

Aldar Rök is written recorded and produced by Vanir and is mixed and mastered by Jacob Olesen in JBO-Studio. Vanir have chosen to produce and record the album themselves because it calls for greater ownership of the songs and the process by which the songs are written and recorded.

The band’s lyrical universe is still Norse mythology and historical interpretations of their ancestor’s endeavors. But the band also seeks to tell tales of the many wars and historical events that have been the foundation of the world as we know it today. Whether it is Valhalla halls, bloody Germanic battlefields or Europe’s bloody battles and heroic warriors the music is uncompromisingly put together with an interest in where we come from and the blood that is shed to form the world we know today.


Vocals: Martin Håkan
Lead Guitars: Kirk Backarach
Rhythm Guitars: Phillip Kaaber
Bass: Lars Bundvad
Drums: Daniel Kronskov
Keys: Stefan Dujardin


Aldar Rök (2016)
The Glorious Dead (2014)
Onwards Into Battle (2012)
Særimners Kød (2011)


Stream or download ‘The Glorious Dead’ here:

Stream or download ‘Onwards Into Battle ‘ here:

Stream or download ‘Særimners Kød’ here:







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