Once upon a time, there was a bunch of trolls from the dark north. Deep in the caves of the woods, they partied all night long to their own tunes of flutes, mandolins and accordions. They mostly surrounded themselves with clubs of meat and mugs of mead, but also liked a princess or two. Although they were some lazy bastards, they still traveled the vast kingdom to play their trollish music for the good folks. And finally, after countless raids, their tales of adventure, misadventure and other fairy tales have now become their debut record “Der Var Engang…”.

TROLD plays folk metal with a mischievous smile, which is guaranteed to kick off the party from inside the large, dark Danish forests. The storytelling and melodies are in focus when playing with different instruments and heavy guitar rhythms to create the perfect atmosphere. The stories grow, hiss, and are sung, while the listeners/audience are taken on a host of adventures.

Trold has its roots well planted in the Nordic soil where inspiration is found in a wealth of fairy tales and mythologies. Giants, Gods, the animals of the forest, and the marvelous world of the sea are just some of the places Trold takes the listeners to.

When the trolls are on stage, you can be sure that the party will start and the good mood will be kicked off.

“Der Var Engang…” is out now on LP (gatefold black vinyl, limited to 300), digipack CD and digital formats via Mighty Music.



Astór Palsson (Dawn of Demise) – vocals
Michael Lundquist (ex-Svartsot, Prevail) – guitar
Jesper Myrup (ex-Kurgan) – guitar
Niels Thøgersen (ex-Svartsot) – drums
Allan Madsen (Prevail – bass





Der Var Engang… – 2023



Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V