That´s right, the rumours are true. Killer Bee are back with a new long awaited album – “Eye In The Sky”

Its been over two years since the last release and the wait has proven to be worth it. This new record it quintessential Killer Bee. The writing team of Rönnblom / Frank has done it again. They deliver thier well honed 70´s style of Rock with the precious and dynamics you expect from them. “Eye in The Sky” captures Killer Bee at thier best with an attitude that hits right between the eyes. Well known for thier back to basic raw sound Killer Bee have not swayed from thier style. This new record has all the ingrediences, hard and heavy riffs, the signature vocals and of course the classic hammond sound. All the elements that have set Killer Bee apart from the newer hard rockers today.

Since the early nineties the Bee´s have been delivering the sting.. and now the hive has let the swarm loose. The last couple of years have not been without trials and tribulations though. Member changes, injuries and production hold-ups have made these years a roller coaster ride. The ride has taken them to a new level of energy. 2015 saw the band on an extesive US tour covering over 40 cities in no less than 35 states and he nearest future is only looking brighter. Radio programmers worldwide have began to take notice as Killer Bee are recieving positive responses to thier music climbing on playlists everywhere.

The new release is coming in September and Killer Bee are currently in planning stages for touring in both Europe and North America.

So catch a buzz and feel the sting… Killer Bee are BACK… Join the swarm!!!


Brian “Bee” Frank – Vocals

Anders “LA” Rönnblom – Bass

Andre Hägglund – Guitar

Paul “Tonka” Champman – Guitar

Morgan Evans – Drums & Percussion

Denny DeMarchi – Keys



KILLER BEE – Eye In The Sky (album 2016 one sheet)



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