Author: Søren Weiss

The Road

The ROAD, formerly known as Road To Jerusalem is a Copenhagen based Rock/Metal band formed in 2017 by – Per Møller Jensen(ex.The Haunted, ex.Invocator, ex.Konkhra) Michael Skovbakke(ex.Konkhra) Andreas Holma(ex.Hypocrisy, ex.Scar Symmetry, former session live musician for Soilwork & PAIN) and Josh Tyree.

March 2, 2018 they released their s/t debut under the Road To Jerusalem moniker, that month they also embarked on a short European tour together with – Orphaned Land, Subterranean Masquerade and Lunarsea. The tour covered a handful of shows in Italy, Switzerland and France. They were also doing a number of shows in Denmark and Sweden throughout 2017-2018. The decision to change the band name to simply The ROAD was taken in 2019. The ROAD released three singles/videos in 2019 that they recorded in Ark studios, Copenhagen together with renowned producer Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn etc).

The band is currently working on a new album that will be released through Mighty Music in 2021.

Mike Tramp – Trampthology

“Trampthology” out on December 18th 2020 on 2xCD, 2xLP og digitalt.

Order the album at


  1. Give It All You Got
  2. If I Live Tomorrow
  3. More To Life
  4. The Road
  5. Ain’t Done Yet*
  6. Dead End Ride
  7. Maybe Tomorrow
  8. Mr. Death
  9. Mother
  10. Take Me Away*
  11. Cobblestone Street
  12. Trust In Yourself
  13. New Day
  14. Bow And Obey
  15. Every time*
  16. Coming Home
  17. Lay Down My Life For You
  18. Better Off
  19. The Way It Was Before
  20. I’ll Never Be Young Again*


Silvera – Edge Of The World

“Edge Of The World” out on 16. october 2020 on CD, LP og digitalt.

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01. Alive
02. Something Else
03. Edge Of The World
04. No Air
05. Everything We Are
06. Generation Z
07. Light In Life
08. The Reckoning
09. Filling The Void
10. On My Feet
11. Promise


Demolizer – Thrashmageddon

01. Copenhagen Burning
02. Cancer In The Brain
03. NTC
04. Bloodshot Eyes
05. Gore
06. Until The Day I Die
07. Lost In Torment
08. Built On Slavery
09. MSW

Line up:
Ben “Polle” Radtleff: guitars, vocals
Aria Mobbarez: guitars
Bjørn “Krölle” Hjortgaard: bass
Max Petrén Bach Hansen: drums


Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes

01. Sacred Slaughter
02. Descend
03. Sands Of Time
04. Demons
05. What We’re Living For
06. Emerald Eyes
07. Fiery Winds Of Death
08. Sacrificed
09. Bridges Are Burning
10. Heaven In Red
11. Dark Sorcery

Line up:
Dirk Schröder: vocals
Didy Mackel: bass
Maximilian Behr: drums
Robert Altenbach: guitar
Nino Helfrich: guitar


Nonexist – Like The Fearless Hunter

Tracklist CD:
Strictly Sadistic Intent
Together We Shall Burn
Dark Satanic Mills
Emerging from a World Below
Litany of Poison
Fear Corrodes the Soul
A Meditation upon Death
Bloody Carnal Sorcery
Dead Black Embrace
Cancerous  Disembodiment
Reduced to Ash

Tracklist LP
Strictly Sadistic Intent
Together We Shall Burn
Dark Satanic Mills
Emerging from a World Below
Litany of Poison SIDE B A Meditation upon Death
Dead Black Embrace
Fear Corrodes the Soul
Bloody Carnal Sorcery

Out on CD, vinyl & digital on August 28th 2020


Grumpynators – Still Alive

01. Still Alive
02. Going Away For Good
03. Blood And Bones
04. Feel The Same
05. Dream Girl
06. Yesterday
07. Sweet Psycho Sister
08. All I Want
09. Monster Girl
10. Back On The Road

“Still Alive” will be released by Mighty Music as a CD, digital, and in three different vinyl formats (black, orange cloud and red/blue) on August 28th. A unique Grumpynators mask is available exclusively at




You can look for your battle vest. DEMOLIZER is the newest member of the Mighty Music family!

Demolizer, formed in 2018, plays gut-crushing, hard-hitting, and unfiltered thrash metal that will have you picking up your teeth with crushed fingers after barely surviving the pit.

Demolizer is the manifestation of a big, angry middle finger pointed towards the Establishment, giving you the hardest, fastest, and thrashiest thrash metal you could ever dream of! If you like Slayer, Exodus, and/or, Municipal Waste, then you will love these guys.

2019 brought a place in the finals in the Danish W:O:A Metal Battle as well as a demo + single – both D.I.Y-produced and now released on Spotify. 2019 was also spent touring Russia and Denmark, as well as the completion of the new debut album, “Thrashmageddon”! 

Thrashmageddon was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ballade Studios by Lasse Ballade himself: 

Demolizer possesses everything that the Danish metal scene has been missing. It’s 100% intensity and aggression without any unnecessary fucking around. But what really caught my attention with DEMOLIZER is that they can really write songs. Songs full of riffs and hooks, and songs that stick to your mind like a piece of gum under your left sneaker after they’ve torn you apart in the pit”.

“Thrashmageddon” will be released via Mighty Music in September on both CD & vinyl.

Line up:
Ben “Polle” Radtleff: guitars, vocals
Aria Mobbarez: guitars
Bjørn “Krölle” Hjortgaard: bass
Max Petrén Bach Hansen: drums






Thrashmageddon – September 2020



I’ll Be Damned


Mighty Music is bursting with pride to announce the signing of I’LL BE DAMNED. The Danish quintet plays God Damned Rock’n’Roll exclusively, explosively – and with a metal edge. The band started out in 2010 and consists of five guys paroling against rulers and organized religion. The members come from different backgrounds but are all deeply rooted in the Danish rock- and metal scene.

I’ll Be Damned has released an EP and two full-length albums so far, the latest being “Road To Disorder” in 2018, after which the band embarked on a tour in the home country with fellow Aarhus-band Baest. Since then the project has gone through line-up changes. Now, with a new vocalist and drummer, they are viciously eager to return to the scene.

Apart from two headlining tours in the home country, I’ll Be Damned has played a lot of shows in Germany, as well as Copenhell, Grimfest, SPOT Festival and festivals alike back home, and has supported the likes of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, D:A:D, Airbourne and even Metallica.

The band just played Nordic Noise – Streaming For Vengeance – the world’s first two-day hard rock streaming festival – and subsequently signed a deal with Mighty Music/Target Group with the intention of taking the next step to the next level. The punchy 2020-edition of I’ll Be Damned comprises:


Mark Damgaard – vocals
Boris Tandrup – guitars
Kristian Sloth – lead guitars
Jens Lunde – bass
Anders Gyldenøhr – drums



Withering Surface – Meet Your Maker

Out on CD, LP & digital June 19th 2020


Meet Your Maker

Raised Right


Room 417

In A City Without Soul

Leaves In The Stream

I’ll Soon Be Gone

Mourning Light

The Apprentice


Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V