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Tygers Of Pan Tang – Majors & Minors

Out on LTD vinyl colors, CD & digital d 28/5



1. Only The Brave

2.White Lines


4.Damn You!

5.Keeping Me Alive


1. Hot Blooded

2. What Yo Say

3. Plug Me In

4. Spoils Of War (Orchestral Mix)

5. Keeping Me Alive (Live 2016)



1. Only The Brave

2. Destiny

3. She

4. Never Give In

5. Worlds Apart

6. Glad Rags

7. Let It Burn

8. White Lines

9. The Devil You Know

10. Keeping Me Alive

11. Hot Blooded

12. Damn You!

13. Spoils Of War (Orchestral Mix)

14. What You Say

15. Plug Me In


Mike Tramp – Everything Is Alright

Out on vinyl, CD & digital d 21/5

1. Give It All You Got
2. Trust In Yourself
3. If I Live Tomorrow
4. Cobblestone Street
5. Coming Home
6. Everything Is Alright
7. Dead End Ride
8. Take Me Away
9. The Road
10. More To Life Than This

Electric Boys – UPS!DE DOWN

Electric Boys – UP!SIDE DOWN  out on CD, LTD LPs & digital on April 30th 2021

Pre-order at https://targetshop.dk/en/electricboys

1. Upside Down Theme
2. Super God
3. Tumblin’ Dominoes
4. Never Again Your Slave
5. She Never Turns Around
6. Globestrutter
7. The Dudes & The Dancers
8. Twang ’em & Kerrang ’em
9. It’s Not The End
10. Interstellafella


Kickin Valentina – The Revenge Of Rock

Kickin Valentina – The Revenge Of Rock out on CD, LP & digital on January 22 2021


1. Freak Show

2. Somebody New

3. Rat Race

4. Strange

5. Looking For Me

6. War

7. Heart Tattoo

8. End Of The Road

9. The Revenge Of Rock

Mike Tramp – Trampthology

“Trampthology” out on December 18th 2020 on 2xCD, 2xLP og digitalt.

Order the album at



  1. Give It All You Got
  2. If I Live Tomorrow
  3. More To Life
  4. The Road
  5. Ain’t Done Yet*
  6. Dead End Ride
  7. Maybe Tomorrow
  8. Mr. Death
  9. Mother
  10. Take Me Away*
  11. Cobblestone Street
  12. Trust In Yourself
  13. New Day
  14. Bow And Obey
  15. Every time*
  16. Coming Home
  17. Lay Down My Life For You
  18. Better Off
  19. The Way It Was Before
  20. I’ll Never Be Young Again*


Silvera – Edge Of The World

“Edge Of The World” out on 16. october 2020 on CD, LP og digitalt.

Order the album at

CD: https://targetshop.dk/en/vare/silvera-edge-of-the-world-cd

LP: https://targetshop.dk/en/vare/silvera-edge-of-the-world-lp

01. Alive
02. Something Else
03. Edge Of The World
04. No Air
05. Everything We Are
06. Generation Z
07. Light In Life
08. The Reckoning
09. Filling The Void
10. On My Feet
11. Promise


Demolizer – Thrashmageddon

01. Copenhagen Burning
02. Cancer In The Brain
03. NTC
04. Bloodshot Eyes
05. Gore
06. Until The Day I Die
07. Lost In Torment
08. Built On Slavery
09. MSW

Line up:
Ben “Polle” Radtleff: guitars, vocals
Aria Mobbarez: guitars
Bjørn “Krölle” Hjortgaard: bass
Max Petrén Bach Hansen: drums


Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes

01. Sacred Slaughter
02. Descend
03. Sands Of Time
04. Demons
05. What We’re Living For
06. Emerald Eyes
07. Fiery Winds Of Death
08. Sacrificed
09. Bridges Are Burning
10. Heaven In Red
11. Dark Sorcery

Line up:
Dirk Schröder: vocals
Didy Mackel: bass
Maximilian Behr: drums
Robert Altenbach: guitar
Nino Helfrich: guitar


Nonexist – Like The Fearless Hunter

Tracklist CD:
Strictly Sadistic Intent
Together We Shall Burn
Dark Satanic Mills
Emerging from a World Below
Litany of Poison
Fear Corrodes the Soul
A Meditation upon Death
Bloody Carnal Sorcery
Dead Black Embrace
Cancerous  Disembodiment
Reduced to Ash

Tracklist LP
Strictly Sadistic Intent
Together We Shall Burn
Dark Satanic Mills
Emerging from a World Below
Litany of Poison SIDE B A Meditation upon Death
Dead Black Embrace
Fear Corrodes the Soul
Bloody Carnal Sorcery

Out on CD, vinyl & digital on August 28th 2020


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