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Nighthawk – Live!

Nighthawk – LIVE! out on all digital platforms on December 8th, 2023.

Listen here.

1. Free Your Mind
2. Action
3. Running Wild
4. Hightest Score

I’ll Be Damned – Live At Radar

I’ll Be Damned – LIVE AT RADAR out on all digital platforms on November 24th, 2023.

Listen here. Check the full concert video here.

1. Fuck You Money
2. Believe It
3. Fever
4. Run Me Over
5. You Are The Young
6. Primal Fear
7. Hanging Job
8. Your Only Home
9. Just Ain’t Right
10. Good Talk, Not Happening
11. Forever, Right?
12. Pigburner
13. Wolverine Blues
14. Drainage
15. Hell Come (Take Me Now)
16. All Be Damned

Sylvatica – Cadaver Synod

Sylvatica – CADAVER SYNOD out on LP (black vinyl, limited to 300) and digital on October 20th, 2023.

Order at Targetshop.

Digital here.

1. Strife
2. Papa Poltergeist
3. Titivillus
4. Pope Innocent VIII
5. Song Of The Leper
6. Scapegoat
7. In The Eyes Of God
8. Song Of The Leper (acoustic)

Junkyard Drive – Black Coffee reissue

Junkyard Drive – BLACK COFFEE reissue out on LP (180-gram purple vinyl, limited to 500, hand-numbered) on September 1st, 2023.

Order at Targetshop.

A1. Time Is Over
A2. Sweet Little Dreamer
A3. Sucker For Your Love
A4. Make Up Your Mind
A5. Backseat Baby

B1. Way Too Long
B2. Through The Door
B3. Same Old Story
B4. Wasted Nights
B5. Where I Belong
B6. See You Next Time

Electric Boys – Grand Explosivos

Electric Boys – GRAND EXPLOSIVOS out on LP (180-gram black vinyl and 180-gram turquoise vinyl, limited to 500), CD and digital on September 15th, 2023.

Order at Targetshop. Digital here.

1. When Life Treats You Funky
2. Better Safe Than Sober
3. I’ve Got A Feelin’
4. And The Band Played On (Part 1)
5. Domestic Blitz
6. Karma’s Gonna Get You
7. Missed Her By A Minute
8. Learjet
9. Cozmic Jagger
10. The Great Believer
11. And The Band Played On (Part 2)

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