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Although it is now quite a while since SVARTSOT has released new material, the band is still very much alive and kicking. In the interim since 2015’s Vældet, the beer-soaked folk metallers have been active on the live scene in Denmark and abroad, including appearances at various major festivals as well as at the prestigious 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise in 2019. After a change of bassist and the decision to shelve an album’s worth of material in 2017/18, the idea of releasing a collection of traditional folk songs that have inspired the band, reworked in Svartsot’s characteristic style, was spawned.

The original idea was to release this fifth album, entitled “Kumbl” (an old Danish word meaning ‘monument’ or ‘memorial’), in 2020 to coincide with Svartsot’s 15th anniversary. However, due to various practicalities, the album was first recorded by none other than the band’s drummer and up-and-coming producer, Frederik Uglebjerg (www.uglebjerg.com) during the pandemic. The release also marks the band’s first collaboration with Danish metal label Mighty Music.

“Kumbl” features 12 tracks, was released on February 25th 2022, and present a mixture of some relatively unknown and other more popular folk and late medieval songs from Denmark and across Northern Europe. Two songs feature guest vocal appearances by Andrea Uglebjerg, vocalist in the Danish punk band Situationsfornærmelse and sister of aforementioned Frederik. Three singles will be released: “Liden Kirsten”, out in December 3rd, is a traditional Danish folk ballad telling the tale of how a king decided to make the lady of his desires the mother of his children and his queen without telling her first; “Carmen Vernale” is a song from around 1500, written by Morten Børup, cantor at Aarhus Cathedral, praising the arrival of spring and performed in the original Latin—the melody is played each hour by the bells of Aarhus Townhall; “Drømte Mig En Drøm” is an elaboration on the oldest recorded Danish song, being handed down to us in a runic manuscript from ca. 1300. A music video will be released for “Liden Kirsten”, while a lyric video version of “Drømte Mig En Drøm” will also be available.

“We’re really pleased with the album and are looking forward to see how the fans will react”, says one of the band’s guitarists, Cris.

“So now, we finally can pick up day drinking again, since the album is going to be released!”, adds the other guitarist, Alm.

“I’ll drink to that!”, Cris summarises.

In support of the album, Svartsot have been booked for a series of concerts across Denmark. Whilst only a few European shows are booked or planned at the moment, more will hopefully follow, if travel regulations permit.


Simon Buje: bass
Frederik Uglebjerg: drums
Michael Alm: rhythm guitars
Cris J.S. Frederiksen: lead guitars, acoustic guitars (studio), mandolin (studio)
Hans-Jørgen Martinus Vork Rosenwein: tin whistles, electric bagpipe, mandolin (live)
Thor Bager: vocals, mandolin (studio)




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Back in 2016 vocalist Liv Jagrell, known worldwide as the frontwoman for Sister Sin, let the music world know that she had formed a new band. LIV SIN, driven by massive guitar riffs and a heavy modern metal sound released their debut album “Follow Me” in 2017. Their second album, “Burning Sermons” was released in 2019. Both albums spawned multiple popular singles such as “Let me Out” and “Blood Moon Fever”.

Fast forward to 2023, after a two-year down period and revamped line-up, LiV SiN is now completely recharged and ready to hit the stages again. Not forgetting the record shops’ racks, with their new album, “KaliYuga”. “KaliYuga” referring to the fourth of the four “Yugas” in Hinduism, the era precisely dedicated to the present age, full of conflict and… sin. The theme of Kali Yuga was also reflected in the album’s writing process.

“Since we produced this album ourselves, we definitely tried out a lot of new things, and I confess, I went a bit crazy with the vocals in certain parts”, Liv declares.

Musically, “KaliYuga” is LiV SiN, on steroids! Jagrell explains how the creative process developed into an energetic and varied set of songs: “We took influences from everywhere, from newer metal acts such as Architects, Parkway Drive to vocal inspiration from King Diamond. I am ecstatic with the outcome”.

With such an album in hands, LiV SiN could only pick a production team that would do justice to the songs. Simon Johansson (from Wolf and Memory Garden fame) and Mike Wead (King Diamond and Mercyful Fate axeman) were summoned to record the album, while the mix and mastering duties were delivered to console-wizard Tue Madsen (Witchery, The Haunted, At The Gates, etc). A winning team for a strong and cohesive album that will for sure kick off 2023 in a true heavy way.

“KaliYuga” is out now on digital, digipack CD and LP (black vinyl, limited to 500 units).


Per Bjevoluk – drums
Patrick Ankermark – guitars
Liv Jagrell – vocals
Daniel Skoglund – bass
Jay Matharu – lead guitar




KaliYuga – 2023


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TIMECHILD is a Danish progressive, heavy rock band formed in 2020 in Copenhagen. Their sound consists of a mixture of progressive rock and heavy metal, dominated by a powerful lead vocal and characteristic twin guitars, which together create their unique Scandinavian expression. 
Since Timechild released their debut album “And Yet It Moves” at the end of 2021, things have moved fast for the new Danish band. Top reviews from both Danish and international media, Danish tours with Jesper Binzer (D-A-D), Thundermother and Artillery, concerts at some of the biggest club venues and rock and metal festivals in Denmark. And in 2023, the band will cross the country’s borders for the first time to go on their first EU and UK tours.

Now the band is back with their long-awaited second album “Blossom & Plague”, which will be released worldwide on September 1st, 2023 through Mighty Music. The vision with this record is to show how heavy rock can continue to challenge and surprise in 2023. The band’s heavy and dynamic sound and lyrics has taken a turn in a more progressive and dark direction on this record. Although the foundations of the band’s sound are clearly laid by the giants of the past, inspiration is drawn both across time and across genres. Precisely this opportunity to delve into the past several decades of music history and through this define their own sound has been an important part of the songwriting and recording process.

The artwork was developed by Travis Smith (Opeth, Megadeth, Katatonia, Avenged Sevenfold), who helped Timechild reach the perfect visual representation of the record.

The album is once again produced, mixed and mastered by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Phil Campbell, Jesper Binzer). With his vast experience within the genre, both as a producer and musician, Soren was a natural choice when the band’s new visions had to be brought to life. The result is eight strong and unique tracks, which broadly show the band’s dynamic range and artistic visions.

Skillfully taps into the essence of hard rock’s greatest architects” Dom Lawson, Blabbermouth

“Blossom & Plague” is out now on LP (180gr black vinyl, limited to 300), digipack CD and digital formats via Mighty Music.


Anders Folden Brink – lead vocal, rhythm/lead guitar
Birk – lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Martin Haumann – drums
Daniel Bach – bass, backing vocals




And Yet It Moves. 2021
Blossom & Plague. 2023



Band photo by Jakob Harris

Soren Andersen


You might know him for his 10 year long relationship as the guitarist for Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple), but the 46 year old Dane Soren Andersen is much more.

Producer, co-owner of famed Medley Studios in Copenhagen, ambassador for world class equipment like TC Electronic, Yamaha Guitars and Line 6 and of course playing the six strings with a bunch of other great musicians.

These include Mike Tramp (ex-White Lion), Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge (ex-Whitesnake / Thin Lizzy), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow), Pretty Maids, The Dead Daisies, The Answer, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Eric Martin and Billy Sheehan (MR. Big), Artillery, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Phil Campbell (ex-Mötorhead), Electric Guitars, Jesper Binzer (D:A:D).
His work as producer and guitarist on the Glenn Hughes album ‘Resonate’ made more people take notice of the brilliant Danish guitar player. For instance the maestro Joe Satriani who had this to say to the music site Music Aficionado:

“I’ve been listening to this record a lot. The songs go by and I go, “Wow, listen to that!” This guitarist is somebody I don’t know who’s also the co-producer, Soren Andersen, and man, he’s so good. It’s always cool when you hear somebody new who really impresses you. […] A guy like Soren Andersen is totally into the future. His playing is very natural-sounding, and he manages to perform to the songs while still putting in some crazy textures. His choice of notes is interesting—every time I put the record on, I go, “Hey, I didn’t hear that before.” I love when an album does that to me. Glenn has always played with great guitarists, and he’s got another one with Soren Andersen.”

Soren Andersen has previously released records of his own and he’s now taken his passion for the guitar to the next level in releasing an instrumental guitar album in the style of Joe Satriani/Steve Vai himself with all songs written by himself.

“This kind of album has been a dream of mine since I sat in math class and drew pictures of Marshall stacks in my school books when I was 14-15 years old. The songs have just added up over the last 30 years and this is the right time for me to finally fulfill this lifelong dream”, says Soren Andersen of the album ‘Guitar Pleasure’ to be released in the fall.

“I have learned that I’ve made a bit of a name for myself around the world and I’ve have often been asked for my own records especially after my performances with Glenn Hughes. I know I’m not in the same league technically as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and stylistically it’s way more inspired by 80s movie soundtracks, where I first fell in love with the lead melodies being played on the guitar as opposed to being a lead vocal line. But I promise I will deliver my 26 favorite tricks on the album”, says Soren Andersen with a smile and his typically relaxed mood.

The album features guest appearances from among others Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza and fellow Dane Ida Nielsen (Prince). First single from the album is the sunsoaked ‘City of Angels’ about his beloved Los Angeles with a music video shot around Venice Beach and Hollywood.






Electric Boys


Palma Music Studios, October 2022. The funky four from Sweden are spotted drinking margaritas and Estrella Damms during the sunny days but after siesta they are layin’ down the loud foundation of what will be the eighth ELECTRIC BOYS album.

The pandemic inspired to some more serious subjects so “Ups!de Down”, released in 2021, was a slightly darker album, even though hope was always present”, says Conny Bloom, the band’s main songsmith.

“Grand Explosivos”, the new Electric Boys album, to be released September 15th via Mighty Music is, however, quite the opposite. It might actually be that the boys are throwing the best party since “Groovus Maximus”! The album is a hard rockin’, melodic, full of funk & fun adventure, which has become somewhat of the band’s trademark sound.
The first single “I’ve Got A Feelin’” showed the way into the classic rock arenas while the follow-up single “Domestic Blitz” kicks like a mule and won’t take no prisoners. (Or maybe it will? Check out the video and decide for yourself:). The boys are clearly enjoying playing together and we are looking forward to one helluva party album at the end of the summer.

Formed in Stockholm in 1988, Electric Boys is a band with roots in 70s groove rock and 60s pop and psychedelia. Their critically acclaimed debut album, “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” was produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi, The Cult, Mötley Crüe) and spawned the self-produced Billboard Top 20 single, “All Lips ‘N’ Hips” that got them heavy rotation on MTV.

After extensive touring, the band entered the legendary studio Abbey Road to record the follow-up “Groovus Maximus”, which gave the band another Billboard Top 30 single with the song, “Mary In The Mystery World”. The third album “Freewheelin’” (also recorded in Abbey Road) peaked at #16 on the Official Swedish Album Chart before the band called it a day in 1994.

Guitarist and lead singer, Conny Bloom went solo until he, as well as bassist Andy Christell, joined the legendary Hanoi Rocks in 2005. In 2009 they began the process of reuniting the Electric Boys. They released the album “And Them Boys Done Swang” in 2011 and the critically acclaimed favorite “Starflight United” in 2014.

In 2018 the return to studio albums finally happened, with “The Ghost Ward Diaries”, a record that not only topped the charts in Sweden and Denmark but also brought back the distinctive sound of Electric Boys to their countless fans and new listeners. Roughly three years after, “Ups!de Down”, written already under lockdown, repeated the success but brought a broader array of songs. Now, “Grand Explosivos” promises a new dynamite-like collection of classic hard rock with the trademark Boys’ twist. A big priority release for Mighty Music.

“Grand Explosivos” is out now on CD LP (gatefold 180gr black vinyl, and 180gr turquoise vinyl, limited to 500) and digital formats via Mighty Music on September 15th, 2023.


Guitarist/vocalist: Conny Bloom
Bassist: Andy Christell
Guitarist: Franco Santunione
Drummer: Niclas Sigevall
and new drummer: Jolle Atlagic (The Quill/Hanoi Rocks)




The Ghost Ward Diaries, 2018
The Lion’s Roar EP, 2020
Ups!de Down, 2021
Grand Explosivos, 2023





Band photo by Gabrielle Holmberg

Marco Mendoza


Known throughout the music world as a talented solid bass player for bands like Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Journey, Ted Nugent and The Dead Daisies to name a few, Marco Mendoza has recorded a body of amazing music in his own right. But when his fourth effort in his own name, “New Direction”, hits the streets in September this year, it will be a very special beast of its own.

Working with world-class producer Soren Andersen, owner of Medley Studios in Copenhagen, dubbed by some as ‘the new Mutt Lange’, the partnership that has already produced the career-defining “Viva La Rock” 2017 album has created in “New Direction” another future masterpiece together.

As it often happens, demanding times produce special opportunities, and writing and recording amidst a pandemic was a trigger for Mendoza’s creativity.

With Andersen himself handling guitars and keyboards as a background for Mendoza’s top-class bass lines and superb vocals, Tommy Gentry (Gun) stepped in for guest guitar solos in selected tracks, while drumming duties were split between Morten Hellborn (Electric Guitars) and Allan Tschicaja (Pretty Maids). A super-team surrounding Marco. But then again, the bassist/vocalist is used to working with the best of the best, and wouldn’t have it any other way in what is clearly the tightest set of songs he has ever recorded in his own name.

“New Direction” is out now on digital, CD and LP (black and turquoise vinyls, each limited to 500 units) via Mighty Music.




Viva La Rock, 2018
New Direction, 2022






BLITZKRIEG formed in 1980 and besides the legendary album “A Time Of Change” from 1985, the band is known for the close connection to METALLICA. METALLICA recorded the song “Blitzkrieg” on the 1984 “Creeping Death” single plus the 1998 “Garage Days Inc” album and has performed the song on a regular basis live.

Blitzkrieg’s latest album ”Judge Not” was released through Mighty Music in April 2018 and gained a lot of great reviews from the press.
As a treat for the fans Blitzkrieg released their new EP ”Loud and Proud” on CD & 12” in 2019. The EP contains different versions of the songs from ”Judge Not” and newer songs that were never released


Brian Ross – Lead Vocals
Alan Ross – Guitars
Matt Graham – Drums
Huw Holding – Bass




Loud And Proud – 2019
Judge Not – 2018
Back From Hell – 2013
Theatre Of The Damned – 2007
Sins & Greed – 2005
Absolutely Live! – 2004
A Time Of Changes / Phase 1 Anthology – 2003
Absolute Power – 2002
The Mists Of Avalon – 1998
Ten – 1997
Unholy Trinity – 1995
Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg – 1991
A Time Of Changes – 1985


Blitzkrieg was formed in Leicester in October 1980. Their first demo, made in November that year, secured them their first recording deal with Neat Records resulting in the famous Blitzkrieg/Buried Alive single & a track on the Lead Weight compilation album. The band gigged extensively in England but split in 1981. The members went their own separate ways but Brian Ross & Mick Moore stayed together to form the heart of Avenger.

The band released 2 singles on Neat: Ross then left to join Satan with whom he recorded the classic Caught In The Act album which was released by Roadrunner & licensed to Neat for the UK. After the success of the Satan album & European tours, the band’s direction became unclear & Ross decided to leave & concentrate on managing the North East band Lone Wolf (Brian performed vocals on the single Your Move). Now Ross decided that it was time to record the Blitzkrieg LP that had been planned way back in 1981, entitled A Time Of Changes: it was released in 1985 on Neat/Roadrunner with recruits from the previous bands brought in to record the album.

Meanwhile, Metallica covered the song Blitzkrieg on their Creeping Death EP. In 1991 the band made a mini album called Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg for Roadrunner to celebrate their tenth anniversary, re-recording the Blitzkrieg /Buried Alive tracks together with 3 new numbers. In 1995 Neat Records re-emerged with a vengeance & immediately signed Blitzkrieg to a new 3 album deal: Unholy Trinity, Ten & The Mists Of Avalon were the result (also released in Japan on Pony Canyon Records). Another boost from Metallica came when the USA rockers again covered the Blitzkrieg track on their Live Shit box set & their 1998 album Garage Inc. 2002 saw the release of their new album Absolute Power on Edgy Records to rave reviews worldwide.

A spate of interviews in Europe, the UK & the USA followed with a string of festival dates in Europe (& the US) which helped push the band back into the spotlight once more. Absolute Power was released in Brazil on Hellion Records & as an LP in Sweden by TPL Records. Following the release of their double Anthology CD on Sanctuary Records the band released their first live album on Metal Nation Records (again owned by Jess Cox). Following the release of Absolutely live, the band went on to record the critically acclaimed “Sins and Greed” which was released in mid 2005. In 2007 the band signed to German label Armageddon Records and released “Theatre of the Damned”, which was co-produced by Saxon frontman Biff Byford after Blitzkrieg opened for Saxon a year earlier on their UK tour. Moving into 2012 sees the band now into their 32nd anniversary year and gearing up for the follow up release to “Theatre..”






Electric Guitars new album “Freewheeler” out now!

This is the fourth album from ELECTRIC GUITARS who have a cult following in Denmark for their lively guitar riff-centric rock and energy-filled live shows.

The brainchild of Soren Andersen of the Glenn Hughes Band, and Mika Vandborg who has worked with many huge artists including Justin Hawkins of the Darkness, this talented pair are well known as much sought after session musicians as well as live performers. Soren Andersen is also a world-class producer and engineer, owner of Medley Studios in Copenhagen, and has been called ‘the new Mutt Lange’.  In Electric Guitars this dynamic duo turns their talents to their own project.

The band is already well known in Denmark and Jesper and Jacob Binzer of D-A-D appeared on their 2017 “Rock n Roll Radio” album and several times with the band on stage. Frequently oversubscribed by work for other artists the pandemic has given Electric Guitars a chance to re-focus on songwriting and create THE album to bring them to the attention of the whole world.

Three singles are coming out. “Dopamine” (already available) has an energy that is a little like D-A-D, wild and slightly punky, but still very much rock and captures that irreplaceable high that rock music provides, “Hot Blooded Woman’” channels Cheap Trick and relates a South American tour story that definitely got outta hand and “Nervous Breakdown”, a song about everything we have been through in the pandemic is like a heavier version of Zander & Co, just adding screams!

Like every other rock crazy musician or fan, the band have been storing up their power and energy “like a bunch of wild mustangs that’ve been kept tied up for too long”. Songs like “Freewheeler”, “Going Out” and “Cut Loose” capture that pent-up energy revealing a band who cannot wait to let themselves loose on an unsuspecting world. “Rainbow” reveals an optimism and go-getting never say die attitude which is the essence of rock’n’roll.

We’ve never been closer and tighter as a band. Every other band is doing something nice, polished and produced – we just wanted to share this raw energy” – Soren Andersen.

The band has a tour planned in Denmark and is hoping to widen and include more dates worldwide as circumstances permit.“Freewheeler” was released in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Mighty Music on November 12th, 2021.

Text by Dawn Osborne


Soren Andersen – Guitars & Vocals
Mika Vandborg – Guitars & Vocals
Peter Kjøbsted – Bass & Backing Vocals
Morten Hellborn – Drums & Backing Vocals






Junkyard Drive


JUNKYARD DRIVE is more energetic than ever before. The new album, with the title “Look At Me Now”, presents a band with new energy and inspiration.

Since 2014, Junkyard Drive has been determined to be the band that provides the soundtrack to life in the fast lane with the audience as passengers. Every time! With three critically acclaimed albums, lots of concerts and tours in most of the world, they have tried more than most Danish rock bands. Now their fourth album is on the way, and the goal has changed.

On “Look At Me Now”, Junkyard Drive rolls out ten high-octane rock tracks, delivered with flair, precision and lots of energy. One is tempted to say renewed energy, because even though Junkyard Drive are largely recognizable on the ten tracks that will be released in April, it is in many ways a changed band that delivers them. A few changes in the line-up and a much-needed look inside the internal relationships have restored focus and renewed the joy of playing. “Look At Me Now” welcomes two new guitarists: Oliver Hartmann and Kristoffer Kristensen. Both come with experience from genres other than rock, and that brings new ideas to the table during the songwriting process.

Since we released “Electric Love” in 2022, we have gone through a process that can be heard in the new tracks”, lead singer Kristian Johansen offers. “We are tired of rock music always being put in the booth with draft beer and festivity. We want to show that rock music can develop and that it can contain sensitivity and depth. That’s why we had to go inside ourselves, to write texts that were more honest and that have something more at heart. When you go into yourself, you also have to come face to face with your own weaknesses. It can be a hard, but also very learning process. We have experienced that it has also taken a toll on the band’s internal relationships as you go through topics that can be tough, but we are incredibly proud to have gone through the process, because the lyrics and sound we have created have more layers than we have previously performed”.

“Look At Me Now” was produced by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Thundermother) and is out now on LP (black and red vinyl editions, the latter being limited to 500 units) CD and digital formats.

Kris – lead vocals
Oliver Hartmann – guitar
Kristoffer Kristensen  – guitar
Claus – drums & cowbell
Sjus – bass




“Sin & Tonic” – album 2017
“Black Coffee” – album 2018
“Electric Love” – album 2022
“Look at me now” – album 2024



Junkyard Drive Webshop


Band picture by John Mortensson


In April 2024, the world will be a bit less shitty, as KICKIN VALENTINA will release their fourth full-length album titled “Star Spangled Fist Fight”. Ten bullets of loud, unapologetic rock’n’roll are fired aiming the hearts and jugulars of all hard rock fans with a sleaze rock fallout. And, with an almost cynical precision, the four guys in Kickin Valentina, knock each and every one of us with catchy choruses, indecently strong riffs and a sexy rhythm groove that’s almost pornographic.

Once again, the album was produced by Andy Reilly (UFO, Bruce Dickinson, Cradle of Filth) at Muse Productions in Atlanta, and mastered by Joel Wanasek. “It’s been way too long since our last album, and we are really excited about “Star Spangled Fist Fight.””, bassist Chris Taylor states. “I know every band says this, but I think this is our best album so far. Everything just seemed to click while we were writing it”.

Kickin Valentina still plays the proverbial loud unapologetic rock’n’roll in 2024, as the band enters the second decade of its existence. Except that “Star Spangled Fist Fight” is a bit louder and a bit more unapologetic.

Formed in 2013, the Americans quickly gained attention in the U.S. and abroad. They were immediately picked up by Atlanta-based indie label Highway 9 Records and released their debut self-titled EP in October 2013. In August 2015 Kickin Valentina signed with Danish hard rock/metal label Mighty Music, and has released since then three successful full-length albums – “Super Atomic,” “Imaginary Creatures,” “Revenge of Rock” – and an EP titled “Chaos in Copenhagen” to rave reviews around the world.

Their album “Imaginary Creatures” debuted on 5 different Billboard charts (Heatseeker Albums #16, Heatseekers South Atlantic #5, Independent Albums #30, Hard Rock Album Sales #11, and Rock Album Sales #42), and the single “Crazy” reached #15 on the Danish iTunes rock charts. “Revenge of Rock” debuted at #6 on the Danish vinyl chart, and “Chaos in Copenhagen” debuted at #27 on Denmark’s top 100 album sales chart.

“Star Spangled Fist Fight” is out now on LP (black vinyl, limited to 500 copies), digipack CD and digital formats via Mighty Music. 

Confirmed live dates: 
27.04 – Dixie Tavern, Atlanta (US)
11.05 – Nordic Noise Festival, Copenhagen (DK)
07.09 – Hard Rock Hell Sleaze, Sheffield (UK)
13.09 – Sinner Rock Fest, Sinntal (DE)


D.K. Revelle – vocals
Heber Pampillon – guitar
Chris Taylor – bass
Jimmy Berdine – drums



Super Atomic, 2015
Imaginary Creatures, 2017
Chaos In Copenhagen, 2019
The Revenge Of Rock, 2021
Star Spangled Fist Fight, 2024




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