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Locked away in a small studio in Aabenrå, Denmark, “Velvet Noise” was born in 2000. After spending intense weeks with Jacob Hansen at his studio, which at that time was located on the fourth floor in an old building in Aabenrå, the band finally had the master for what was to become their debut album.

Lars Christensen (guitar) recalls:

I recall that spirits were high and we were super excited to start the recordings – especially because we had signed an official record deal with Mighty Music/Drug(s).

Being officially signed to a label was a B I G thing for a band coming from a small town as Thisted. We were so hungry and excited to finally get our debut album released, and get some public feedback and reviews.

During the recordings we resided in a small and cheap wooden house, on a campsite, 20 minutes from Jacob Hansen studio and had to walk to the studio every morning. Typically we woke up with intense hangovers as beer, liquor & pølsemix was the only things we consumed before, during and after the recordings – yes we sure liked to party back then (…and we still do)

We knew that we were something different to the Danish Metal scene back then. We had a much more alternative approach on how we wanted metal music and OUR music to sound so we knew that we might get “slaughtered” when the reviews would start to tick in.

I mean just our bandname RAUNCHY has no “metal” feel/meaning to it, so that was definately a thing we knew would be “uphill”. Also the fact that we pretty much looked like a typical generic band from the Britpop “heydays” of Blur, Suede, Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve etc. was another obstacle – but we couldn’t care less.

The idea for the album title “Velvet Noise” was pretty clear and simple to us… we wanted it to be a musical description of what kind of music you could expect to hear and we really liked the contradictions. “Velvet” is the perfect way of describing the super melodic melodies and multilayered epicness that is going on throughout the entire album.

Weeks before “Velvet Noise” was about to hit the stores I went to the Mighty Music/Drug(s) headquarter as Michael H. Andersen had told me I could pick up some copies of the cd fresh from the pressing plant. I was so overly excited to open one of the boxes with the cd´s to see the final result. Especially because I had created the artwork which was a huge thing for me as well.

The following months we got a lot of reviews, and to our surprise most of them were really great. It wasn’t only Danish reviews but a lot of European reviews from all the big magazines which praised “Velvet Noise” to be “modern classic” and for “boosting new life” to a stagnated metal scene at that time.

The great reviews and rumours about “Velvet Noise” also made some prominent business people in the US interested and especially a great review from Borivoj Krign (founder of Blabbermouth.net) made people listen and pay attention to our music.

Suddenly producer celebs as Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot etc. ) Joe Baressi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Melvins, Tomahwak etc.) wanted to play with us. The big record labels (Nuclear Blast, Century Media & Roadrunner Records) were also pretty eager to play along and sign us.

With negotiations between Mighty Music/Drug(s) and the various interested companies we ended up with Nuclear Blast which got the “green lights” to license “Velvet Noise” and later on took over and released the follow-up record “Confusion Bay”.

So where is RAUNCHY today? The band expect to record their seventh album in late 2019 in between changing diapers on the “new next generation of metal spawn”



Deal signed! Artillery (The Official Page) to release retro material on Mighty Music.

In Autumn 2019 the cult album “Deadly Relics” will be re-issued on vinyl and CD with bonus tracks and in addition to this another re-issue LP/CD entitled “In The Trash” with unreleased material from ’82 to ’86 will also see the light of day.

Artillery is a Danish thrash metal band. They participated in the early development of the genre, and their highly energetic, riff-centric and often fast-paced music is similar in style to that of Voivod, Coroner, Megadeth and Sabbat from the same era. After releasing three full-length albums and touring extensively throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Artillery disbanded in 1991, but reunited seven years later, only to disband once again in 2000. However, they reformed again in 2007 and are still together today.





Blood Red Throne


Norwegian death metal kings, BLOOD RED THRONE, celebrates 21 years in the scene and will release their 9th album in 2019 with following live shows to support their best album so far. The band was started by still remaining member, Daniel “Død” Olaisen, when he played in Satyricon in the 90’s. Original drummer, Freddy «Fred the Shred» Bolsø, returned in 2013 and Ivan “Meathook” Gujic, Ole “Hellbent” Madsen and Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen have been in the team the last 7-8 years. Stian «Gunner» Gundersen has recently been replaced as their new bass player and they just signed a rfecod deal with Mighty Music(Denmark).

BLOOD RED THRONE is known for their energetic and connecting live-shows and has toured many parts of the world the last 18 years. Both as headliners but also on support tours with Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Suffocation, Cryptopsy…to name a few. They have done big festivals as Wacken, Hellfest and Bloodstock and many others.

In 2019 their latest releases “Fit To Kill” was released through Mighty Music


Daniel ”Død” Olaisen – guitar
Ivan ”Meathook” Gujic – guitar
Freddy «the Shred» Bolsø – drums
Stian «Gunner» Gundersen – bass
Yngve «Bolt» Christiansen – vocals




Monument of Death – 2001
Affiliated With The Suffering – 2003
A Taste For Blood MCD – 2004
Altered Genesis – 2005
Come Death – 2007
Souls of Damnation – 2009
Brutalitarian Regime – 2011
BloodRedThrone – 2013
Union of Flesh and Machine – 2016
Fit To Kill – 2019




Ethereal Kingdoms


Blood. Gold. Adrenaline. Enter the theatrical metal experience.

Characterized by intense and unpredictable live performances, Ethereal
Kingdoms invite you into the theatrical metal experience.

Intersecting show and concert, the ensemble unleashes a sonic universe with
songs ranging from soaring high notes to desperate screams, nostalgic melodies
to haunting dissonances.

Collaborating with students from The Royal Danish School of Performing Arts,
numerous guest musicians, singers from The Men’s Choir of Roskilde Cathedral
and more, Ethereal Kingdoms strive to experiment with a storytelling-based
metal show format, incorporating theatrical aesthetics that blends and contrasts
with the metal elements, creating a total live experience.

After a 2021 lineup change, the project embarks on an explorative journey to
seek out new sonic experiments and explore the fusion of symphonic music in a
contemporary metal setting. Their 2nd album set to release in 2022.

Since the projects beginnings in 2018, Ethereal Kingdoms has delivered show
formats ranging from intense and personal club show format with just the four
core members, over acoustic experiences, to grand theatrical shows with
guests, special effects and dramatic visuals. Their performances have supported
acts such as Wintersun and Finntroll and have appeared at SPOT festival 2018,
Wacken Metal Battle Denmark finals, Nordic Noise festival and many more.


Sofia Schmidt – vocals (clean/growl)
Mads Nikolai Sørensen – guitars
Jonas Klarstrup – bass
Mads Mortensen – drums




Hollow Mirror, 2019





Faanefjell was formed in 2009 by Kim Arly Karlsen (ex guitar) and Benjamin Jørgensen (ex vocal) in a smokefilled basement after drinking mjød and making 3 songs about some angry trolls. The songs got the attention of Mayhem Music and one year after the band joined forces with Kjell “Draagyn” (guitar), David “Berserk” (Drums), Marcus “Beist” (bass) to release “Trollmarsj” (2010).

“Trollmarsj”, the debut album of 2010, tells the story of two angry trolls setting out on a journey to gather their allies and drive humanity out of their ancient homeland.






Trollmarsj, 2010
Dovrefall, 2018


Faanefjell is the musical embodiment of an era where two countries were one kingdom. The human civilization had developed electrical lightning and dynamite to once and for all conquer the Scandinavian forests and mountains and drive the Trolls further into oblivion. Faanefjell uses lyrics deeply inspired by Scandinavian folklore mixed in with symphonic black metal. But make no mistake – there is no princess in the tower or happily ever after in the realm of Faanefjell. Only shadows, trolls and songs long forgotten.

The band has since its creation proven itself to be a strong live-band with full out troll-costumes, glowing yellow eyes and lots of interaction with the audience. “The atmosphere was brutal and the constant moshpits in front of the small stage testified that Faanefjell was among the audience favorites.” – Metalized review of metal Magic Festival.

The band has played most of the major norwegian metal-festivals, Wacken Open Air (2012), In Flammen Open Air (2018), countless club-gigs in europe and supported the legendary Nargaroth on their EU tour in 2017.

After 5 years Benjamin (Syrtroll) and Kim (Grimtroll) parted ways with Faanefjell to pursue other things in life. The rest of the band knew just who to call and soon after Dag Haugland (vocal) and Petter Sjödin (guitar) was soldered into the lineup. The upcoming album “Dovrefall” builds on the “Trollmarsj” universe and tells the tale of a kingdom in war, the trolls against the humans. As the tale gets darker the music follows and presents the listener with a more brutal and darker sound.




Silvera plays melodic hard rock, inspired by classic hard/heavy rock music. The music is characterized by massive guitar riffs mixed with melodic phrases. Our music contains ideas that traditionally belong in heavy rock, and at the same time our main priority is captivating and catchy choruses. We wish for a revival in our classic hard rock style, adding new ideas to an “old school” genre.


Michael Krogh – Guitar & vocals
Simon Krabbesmark – Guitar & backing vocals
Rasmus Lindegård Hovde – Bass & backing vocals
Jens Gade – Drums






Black Oak County are back!
Upon the release of their debutalbum “Black Oak County”, the band was promised a bright future by the likes of Classic Rock Magazine, Flick of the finger and Metal Hammer.

The album got massive airplay on Danish radio stations P4 and Myrock as well as receiving more than a million plays on Spotify among other online streaming services.

In the fall of 2017, in a period of great success for Black Oak County, singer Niels Beier chose to leave the band and music all together.

But now, Black Oak County are back, stronger than ever, with a new lead singer and a new sound, coupled with the same familiar energetic and powerful statement that people remember from the debut.

Following a long and grueling search for a new lead singer, the band entered a local studio in secrecy, to start the pre-production of brand new material. In this process the line up of the band fell into place.

Black Oak County is now a hard hitting, catchy and hooky power trio consisting of Jack Svendsen (guitars), Mike Svendsen (drums) and René Hjelm (vocals/bass). The band now focus their sound even more upon the melody and the song, mixed, to great effect, with the big and meaty riffs for which the band is known and loved.

“Pretty Pistol” is the first single from the new Black Oak County. Once again, the band went into Hansen Studio, owned by Jacob Hansen (produced the likes of Amaranthe, Pretty Maids, Dizzy mizz Lizzy and Volbeat). Just like the debutalbum, the new single is produced, mixed and mastered by Jonas Haagensen.

“Pretty Pistol” is a cheeky and catchy rock tune, that makes you wonder whether Black Oak County has eaten Tim Christensen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) and added some AC/DC and Alice in chains to their sound. “Pretty Pistol” will be released worldwide on August 24, on all digital platforms via Mighty Music.


Jack Svendsen – Guitar
René Hjelm – Bass/vocals
Mike Svendsen – Drums




Black Oak County, 2017
Theatre Of The Mind, 2019






For fans of Black Sabbath, Corrosion Of Conformity & Lynyrd Skynyrd

Black Swamp Water is old school hard rock and heavy metal with obvious references to the bands like Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Corrosion Of Conformity and with a howdy to the southern rock scene.

The Tue Madsen produced- & mixed debut album “Chapter One” from 2016 gave the band a reputation as a highly energetic live act with great reviews and airplays to follow on both MyRock and National Danish Radio.

Two years after the debut album Black Swamp Water is now ready to release their second album “Distant Thunder” to the world through Mighty Music on August 24th.

An album rich on strong hooks, groovy vibes and southern rock inspired riffs. With 11 songs recorded/mixed/mastered by Christian Bonde Sørensen at CB Studios and produced by him and the band themselves Black Swamp Water is ready to set another mark on the hard rock and metal scene coming from Denmark.

Black Swamp Water features Kim Langkjær Jensen, former drummer of death metal bands Dawn of Demise, Illdisposed and Koldborn. Other than Kim, the band consists of singer Bjørn Bølling Nyholm, bass player Jeppe Birch Friis, and the two guitarists Jan Geert and Martin Lykke Hansen.


Bjørn Bølling Nyholm – Vocals
Jan Geert & Martin Lykke Hansen – Guitars
Jeppe Birch Friis – Bass
Kim Langkjær Jensen – Drums




“Chapter One” – August 26th, 2016
“Distant Thunder” – August 24th. 2018






“Big, atmospheric rock!” – Johnny Doom, Kerrang Radio

Born out of a passion to create dark and heavy rock music, Chasing Ghosts was formed by Lee Brueton.  Influenced by bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathema, Moonspell and driven by a desire to give the UK rock scene some much needed fresh blood.  In contrast to most bands within this genre, ‘Chasing Ghosts’ have carved their own unique sound, with clean vocals and emotive lyrics that are there to be heard and not hidden, compliment and not dominate.  Their songs evoke emotions of fear, sadness, loss and regret, entwined within each doom laden  guitar riff.  Now signed to ‘Mighty Music,’ Denmark’s largest premier rock/metal label, with their album release due out early February 2018.

Recorded by ‘Enter Shikari’ engineer Tim Morris and aired on over 50 radio stations worldwide, the track ‘Fallen From Grace’ became the band’s first official video.  The video featured Pixie Le Knot, actress and contortionist from ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Devil Inside’ .  It debuted on ‘Amp’d TV’, hosted by Kerrang’s  very own Johnny Doom.

The band are Nelson Cancini (Vocals), Lee Brueton (Bass/Synth), Ashley Clark (Rhythm Guitar) and Harry Mitten (Lead Guitar), four strangers brought together with the sole purpose to produce honest and unrelenting rock music.  Winners of Ubeat  ‘Rock Act of the Year’ 2016, one of the UKs most celebrated emerging music awards.

Chasing Ghosts have played prestigious venues such as the Camden Assembly, Proud Camden, The Craufurd Arms, Bedford Esquires, Hope and Anchor and headlined the O2 Academy 2 Liverpool.  A European tour is planned for early 2018 to coincide with their album launch in Copenhagen and festival dates to be announced soon. New single ‘These Hollow Gods’ released on 6th November 2017.

The album ‘These Hollow Gods’ is written for all those that live with loss, regret and new beginnings every day. It is reflected in every aspect of our lives, through ego, obsession and self preservation.  Every element of the album, from mix, production, photography to artwork, has been created by the band, without compromise.  These songs are the result of years of blood, sweat, tears and broken strings.

The title track is about our role models, idols and those that we ultimately view as gods in family, religion, music and celebrity. Those that we worship and devote our lives to, but then reveal themselves to be nothing more than false hope, disappointment and betrayal. The consequences of putting so much faith in to one person or idealism and how it can blind our judgement of what’s wrong and right. This song is about realising the cost and coping with that moment of clarity. Everyone has a ‘hollow god’.

Press / Reviews

Black Velvet Magazine

“Lyrics that make you ponder, that cut deep, that empower the listener….for the lover of the macabre.  Chasing Ghosts have it all in their armoury.  Their sorrow-ridden ridden tracks are something to behold!”

Raised by Gypsies

“It’s fair to say that I haven’t been this impressed by a single song in quite a long time and I immediately wish to hear everything I can from Chasing Ghosts. After the first time I listened to this, I pressed play and immediately listened to it again. I could listen to this single song forever… ”

The Musical Outcast

“It sounds like this tune was just built for the live stage and I think that the bigger the audience the better it will sound. It’s kind of like Biffy Clyro but just heavier and with more balls. There’s something about…. this band which draws me in.”

RingMaster Review

“An exciting introduction to Chasing Ghosts, a striking doorway into their sound and potential soaked presence. It is a promise already coming to fruition …but one hinting at even greater adventures ahead. Chasing Ghosts are openly adept at aligning dark emotive shadows and fiery beauty into physically and mentally stimulating propositions.”

RingMaster Review

“As impressive as that earlier single and confirming the potential it suggested, the Fearless EP sees Chasing Ghosts growing into their sound… reinforcing their stature as a band to watch.”

Croston Lancs Weekly

“All in all, a very good three track EP, one that I’d definitely give a big thumbs up to. I hope to see more of Chasing Ghosts in the future.”

Pluggin Baby

“We had another Kerrang! Radio success story this week with Chasing Ghosts…we’re struggling to keep up with the plays!”


Lee Brueton -Bass/Synth/Keyboard
Harry Mitten – Lead Guitar
Ashley Clark – Rhythm Guitar
Nelson Cancini – Vocals













Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V